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Adventure/Dual Sport Body Gear

Adventure and off-road riding can expose riders to extreme conditions, and a proper jacket/pants combo is essential to protecting the rider from the elements as well as the road and trail. In addition to the normal concerns of impact and abrasion protection, adventure riders must pay extra attention to features like weatherproofing, ventilation and cooling features and even carrying capacity.

Features to Look For

Street Body Gear

The classic leather jacket has always been an iconic piece for motorcyclists, a symbol that identifies you as a rider and tells a story in each scuff and fold. Like the bikes themselves, jackets and pants have evolved over the years to incorporate new technologies and materials. Riders today have more choices than ever before, with a solution for every season and size.


Features to Look For

Track Body Gear

The high speeds associated with track riding make it one of the most demanding environments for protective gear. This is the environment where the latest and greatest innovations in materials and construction techniques come together to keep riders protected.

Features to Look For

Off-Road Body Gear

Riding off-road on the track, trail, rocks, roots or ruts can expose riders to extreme conditions and proper protection is mandatory. In addition to a good jacket or jersey and pant with built-in knee and leg protection made of durable abrasion resistant materials, it’s important to consider chest protectors, neck braces, knee braces, knee/shin guards, roost deflectors, kidney belts, padded shorts and more.

Features to Look For