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Adventure/Dual Sport Boots

Adventure and off-road riding boots need to be tough enough to handle the terrain, while still being comfortable enough to wear for extended rides. Both tend to have higher calf-lengths than street or sport boots to prevent debris from entering the boot, and a heavy tread pattern on the sole for better traction in the dirt when stepping off the bike.

Features to Look For

Street Boots

Boots are an element that many riders overlook or ignore, thinking that their everyday work boots or tennis shoes are probably just as good, when in reality a pair of basic work boots offer little to no protection in a crash or slide.

Features to Look For

Track Boots

Track-oriented boots often feature extreme impact and abrasion protection to guard against the high-speed slides and crashes of motorcycle racing.

Features to Look For

Off-Road Boots

Riding a motorcycle off-road can exposes a rider’s foot and lower leg to harsh conditions. To prevent crushing, abrasions, burns or other injuries, it's important to protect riders’ feet and lower legs. Good boots protect shins from impact and joints from hyperextending with metal-reinforced soles, thermal shields, polyurethane shin and calf plates and shock absorbing heel pads. Boots should have enough support to stabilize the entire leg and keep knee from incorrect rotation. Boots should fit snugly, but have good ventilation.

Features to Look For: