Gear Up


The centerpiece of every rider's gear. Helmets and eye protection help protect your brain, your face and your life.


Well-designed riding jackets and pants, whether they are made of classic leather or cutting-edge textile, will keep you comfortable, dry and well-protected.


Nobody likes exhaust burns, road rash, or ankle injuries. Good boots will help protect against the hazards of the road.


Good riding gloves guard your hands from the weather and the road. Great ones will also enhance your grip and control.

Gear for the Road

The classic leather jacket has always been an iconic piece for motorcyclists, a symbol that identifies you as a rider and tells a story in each scuff and fold. Like the bikes themselves, jackets and pants have evolved over the years to incorporate new technologies and high-denier textiles to provide the highest levels of abrasion resistance. Armor can be built into your apparel or worn under your gear. Either way it absorbs impacts to protect you. Riders today have better technology and more choices than ever before, with a solution for every season, size and riding style.

Gear for the Trail

More than ninety-five percent of the world’s roads are unpaved, so don’t limit yourself. Adventure and off-road riding begins when the pavements ends and can include extreme conditions and varied surfaces such as gravel, dirt, trails, fire roads, sand, mud, water crossings and more. Your gear needs to protect you on even the most extreme rides. Tough, resilient gear that will keep you warm or cool, safe and dry through adverse weather and over rough roads.

Gear for the Track

The high speeds associated with track riding make it one of the most demanding environments for both riding skills and protective gear. Riding your motorcycle on a race track is a very different experience than riding on the street. You MUST have a DOT compliant full-face helmet with face shield, leather gloves with gauntlet, sturdy over ankle boots, leather one-piece riding suit or a 2-piece suit with a 360-degree zipper. This is the environment where the latest and greatest innovations in product, materials and construction techniques come together to keep riders protected.

Gear for the Dirt

Having the proper safety equipment for your off-road adventure is crucial; the gear has to be tough to hold up against the roughest rides whether you're out charging the trails or riding at your local track. When it comes to riding dirt bikes, the proper gear is a must before you fire up the engine. At minimum you need DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.